From Your Susanville, CA Ride Captain:

To All,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome each of you to the Northern California Patriot Guard Riders web site. We will be using this site as an easy means for you to follow missions in and around Northern California and Northern Nevada that may be of interest and within your travel distance. We owe a deep gratitude to our Ride Captain, Blake "Burnout" Hutchinson, from Susanville, for the time, effort and money he has put into designing and maintaining this site.

Many of you who are new members may have questions as to what you should do when attending a mission or, if you have yet to join, are wondering if you are permitted to participate with us. For any questions relating to what you should do, please drop me an e-mail (blake@norcalpgr.org) or get in touch with any Patriot Guard Rider member for your area. For those who have yet to join, please know that you are always welcome to stand and/or ride with us on any mission we have. All that is asked is that you follow our lead at all times.

You may ask if having a motorcycle or riding with someone is a requirement to participate in our missions. The answer to that is no. As our Mission Statement says, we don’t care what you ride or IF you ride. Our only prerequisite is RESPECT. That is extended to all who are wearing the uniform of one of our Armed Services today, those who have gone before us, our Police, Firefighters and EMTS. As long as you have that respect in your heart and believe that we do this because it is the right thing to do, you are more than welcome to assist us at any time.

There are no dues or meetings for our membership. This is strictly an all volunteer organization. There are also NO BORDERS within the PGR. Although each state has their own members, ALL are volunteers in the National Patriot Guard Riders. There is no requirement to attend any mission that arises. All that is asked of our members is they make a concerted effort to attend any mission that is within their travel distance, work restrictions and budget, no matter where that mission might be.

Many states, like California, have incorporated themselves within their respective state and some have filed for 501.c.3 status with the Federal government. We are a registered non-profit organization but have yet to file that same status with the IRS.

At NO time do we ever accept an invitation to do a Mission of Honor simply because of the possibility the UGs (Uninvited Guests) may also be there. We would strongly suggest that you do the same, whether you are members or not. Any faction we may encounter at one of our missions are a non-entity and are always ignored. The greatest form of disrespect you can give to any person is to turn your back and ignore them. That is what we do at ALL times. We do not engage or acknowledge their presence. We are there for someone who, most likely, has made the Ultimate Sacrifice for our freedom and liberty and will do whatever it takes to shield the families from any who would choose to disrupt the services, through strictly peaceful, legal means only.

Most people in this Country either have first-hand experience or some basic knowledge of how our men and women were treated when they returned from Vietnam. Our membership ranks are filled with many of those same men and women who either experienced this or know of someone who did. The call of “Never Again” means just that. Never again will anyone in uniform be mistreated or abused as long as we are there. They will be shown the Respect, Honor and Appreciation for their service at all times, whether it be at a funeral mission, giving them the proper Send-Off as they prepare to enter harm’s way or are returning from their deployment. They have all earned and deserve this.

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you at one of our missions, hopefully a “happy” one. Ride safe!

American Patriot
Blake "Burnout"
PGR - Ride Captain Susanville, CA

***PLEASE... All remember...
"It's about the Veteran and their family"
NOT about Personalities,
Clubs or Bike Models . . .

- - - - - - -

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